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Are you guilty of shaving hair away ? Well did you know that shaving speeds up hair growth, and creates a coarse hair texture when growing back. Shaving can also scar and cut your skin so why risk it ? Why not try another form of hair removal !!! Give waxing a go it's a semi permanent method of removing hair so why not try Female or Male Waxing Birmingham.
The Benefits of waxing
First of all always ensure you have been skin tested 24 hours prior to waxing treatment.
  1. Waxing allows hair to be removed from the root creating a slower hair growth.
  2. During the waxing process hair is removed  from the root you do not get coarse stubble growing back as you would if you shaved.
  3. If you trim the hair prior to the waxing service it will make the experience a lot less painful. Trimming guides for first timers length of hair to be 1 - 1.5cm. For regular wax customers 0.5 - 1cm.
  4. Exfoliation will remove dead skin which in most cases is a barrier for hair removal. If you gently exfoliate the area the day this is great preparation for the removal process.
  5. Waxing should last between 4-6 weeks.
  6. Waxing isn't suitable if you are on certain medications e.g acne creams/ steroids blood thinning medication, diabetic or suffer with varicose veins. Any health conditions need to disclosed to the Beautician.

How to prepare for Waxing

Here are a few things to keep in mind prior to waxing treatments.
Do not shave in between waxing and make the hair is long enough for the wax to hold onto in order for the hair to be removed.
Exfoliate on the build up to your appointment to remove dead skin.
Have a skin test at the salon and if you have any allergies let your Beautician know beforehand.
If you have a low pain threshold then take pain relief about 30 minutes before your appointment.
Make sure you have no broken skin or inflammation, point out to the Beautician if you have any moles or beauty marks.
Moisturise well on the days leading up to your appointment and avoid moisturising on the day of your appointment.
Aftercare Routine
Once you have had waxing your hair follicle will be open. So here is a list of things to avoid after a wax treatment:
  • Make up for 24 hours (after face wax)
  • Sauna
  • Hot bath
  • Deodorant (underarms)
  • Fake tan
  • Tight clothing

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