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What is Redken Heatcure?

The Heatcure Professional is an in-salon service performed by a stylist at Adhara and it will restore the look and feel of damaged hair. The specialised formula penetrates deep through the hair’s cuticle and right up to the to the cortex. The unique formula is activated using the specifically designed tool and results can last up to 10 washes!

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Redken Heatcure

What happens during a Redken Heatcure Treatment?

During your treatment, your stylist will apply the Heatcure Professional Restoration Formula to cleansed and towel-dry hair. Then your stylist will glide the Heatcure Professional Tool through your hair section by section to activate the formula and restore your hair. When finished, your stylist can rinse your hair and style as usual.

The future of haircare is #heatcure

You can also continue Heatcure at home with weekly Heatcure at-home Self-Heating Mask  that can be self-applied in between services. These are available from Adhara for only £25 for a box of 4!

The mask can be used in between Salon Treatments or as a stand alone mask. This weekly fortifying treatment removes one year’s hair surface damage, leaving your hair soft, shiny and healthy!

How to use the Heatcure Self-Heating Mask:

  1. Peel: Before showering, peel open front to expose to air and start the self-heating.
  2. Heat: Wait 3-4 minutes to allow the contents to warm. While heating, do not place under water.
  3. Treat: After shampooing, open the pouch by tearing the perforation. Squeeze the pouch to dispense the formula into your hand.  Distribute formula through hair.  Leave on 5-10 minutes. Rinse.


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