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Why Ombre Hair is the way forward in hair colour!

Why Ombre Hair is the way forward in hair colour! Fed up of having to colour your roots every few weeks? Does your hair look dated and old? Is your hair crying out for a colour transformation? If the answer is YES,  then Ombre Hair could be just what you are looking for! Ombre is the…

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Fantastic Tips for Frizzy Hair

Some tips for the frizzy hair issues some of us experience so hey look no further than your kitchen. Warning some of the remedies maybe a little messy but it’s utilising what’s sitting in your kitchen without spending a penny !!!!!   Some of the common causes of frizzy hair are: Blow drying for too…

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Autumn & Winter Hairstyles

Looking for Autumn and Winter hairstyles? In 2016 we are going back down memory lane with a number of styles and haircuts that will trend again and again especially in the cold season. Take a look below, there may be a few hairstyles for you! Braided Hair Braids no matter what variety have a nice twist –…

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Choosing Shampoo & Conditioner

Ask yourself a few questions when you next purchase your shampoo and conditioner. Adhara are here to provide you with some Hair Advice! Are you using the correct shampoo and conditioner on your hair? What determines which shampoo and conditioner you purchase would it be: What special offers are on ? The packaging of the…

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Beach Wave Hair Styles with GHD’s

How to create Beach Wave Hair Styles using GHD straighteners. Step 1 Prepare your hair with a curl hold spray GHD do a great product GHD Curl Hold Spray. Apply 1-2 sprays evenly to each section of hair work the  product in with your fingers before curling with the straighteners. This product can be used for…

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