Keratin Hair Treatment - Adhara's Guide

Many women dream of having a Hollywood hair-do where long, shiny, and healthy locks run smoothly from the roots to the tips. Every movement has a bounce, while strands are strong fall together with incredible volume. For decades, the secret to a beautiful mane sits at the end of a Keratin treatment. 


What is Keratin Treatment?


It’s a process that promises to temporarily remove your bedhead for months on end, allowing ladies to enjoy a smoother, shinier, and easier-to-manage hair for up to a whopping six months. Keratin treatments also do wonders for your hair beyond enhancing its look as it is designed to rebuild damaged areas and eliminate frizz. 


Keratin treatment can also go by various names, from Brazilian Blowout, Cezanne, and Keratin Complex. Either way, the beneficial treatment helps repair the damages on your hair by replenishing the protein that was worn down due to constant styling, colouring, and other damaging services to your tresses. 


What are the Benefits of Keratin Hair Treatment?

Benefit #1: Keratin Eliminates Frizz


As mentioned above, one of the primary effects of getting a keratin hair treatment is the elimination of frizz. When done right, keratin can help bring back the lustre in your locks and make it sleeker. Smoother hair also makes it easy to manage, which means it opens up plenty of styling options. 


Benefit #2: Keratin Strengthens Your Hair


Keratin treatments strengthen the bonds between the roots and follicles of your hair, which reinforces the hair’s natural proteins. This results in stronger hair that is more securely connected to your scalp, leading to a significant decrease in hair fall. 


Stronger roots also encourage a voluminous body for the hair, giving it a much-needed life. Not to mention, strands that have a reliable bond with its roots also encourage your hair to grow at a faster pace. 


Benefit #3: Keratin Protects Your Hair 


Seeing as keratin strengthens your hair bond, you’ll notice how your tresses can endure environmental pollutants more than ever. The shiny, straight, and smooth locks will remain stylish even when you expose it to harsh, windy, or dry weather. No matter what the day reads in its forecast, you can expect to keep a wind-swept, blow-dried look even after hours of exposure to outside toxins. 


Benefit #4: Keratin Reduces Blow Drying Time 


Keratin treatment is the perfect solution for busy-goers who are always rushing in the mornings as it can give your hair a fresh, Hollywood look at half the blow-drying time. Your locks will remain shiny and will not dull even in the warmer months of the year, allowing you to wake up, brush your hair, and leave with a ready-made look in no time! 


At Adhara, we use the Nanokeratin System. The Nanokeratin System has developed a unique Biomimetic technology where it breaks down your hairs natural Keratin to a micro molecular size enabling the product to penetrate further into you hair from root to tip. It complies with all EU and UK standards, and is non-harmful and chemical free.  Nanokeratin is a semi-permanent treatment that locks in colour and transforms dull, dry and damaged hair into strong, healthy, incredible hair. We love their Products and so do our clients. We have products suitable for Natural Hair, Coloured Hair, Blonde Hair, Afro Caribbean Hair, as well as Treatment for Men!

If you’re looking to learn more about Keratin Hair Treatment in Bearwood, Birmingham, or book an appointment, get in touch with us to see how we can help - 0121 434 3311