Adhara hairstyles

Looking for Autumn and Winter hairstyles? In 2016 we are going back down memory lane with a number of styles and haircuts that will trend again and again especially in the cold season.

Take a look below, there may be a few hairstyles for you!

Braided Hair

Braids no matter what variety have a nice twist – excuse the pun. A braid can be done in multiple different ways and if you can pull off the look like Stacey Keibler, Diane Kruger or even Keira Knightly then why not.. simple, convenient but effective hairstyles. You can find easy tutorials for Short, Medium or Long hair on Youtube!



Go Low with a Ponytail

Less is more is a mantra we have been hearing for about 2 to 3 years now! For the girl on the go, there needs to be a trend that is extremely easy to pull off and will also keep the prized tresses away from the face especially in windy weather. This is where the gorgeous and simple low ponytail comes in. Either keep it sleek or add some braids and rough it up. Quick and easy hairstyles for anyone with long hair!



Soft, Imperfect Winter Waves

A nice easy hairstyle to achieve for short, medium and long hair.  Perfection is not what we want to go for to create an Imperfect Waves Hairstyle. We prefer the use of unprofessional methods (so no irons or tongs or anything of the like); it’s all about sleeping in a bun or a braid or simply plaiting those tresses on the way to work before releasing them at the office. Sometimes we need a bit of help, especially for those with thick hair! We LOVE Redken Fashion Waves 07 Sea-Salt Spray – Medium control sea salt hair spray for beachy waves.


Messy High Bun

The high bun has been around for some time and comes in a variety of hairstyles – from sleek and tidy to big and messy. We love the Messy High Bin for winter with an autumn wind improving the look! To create a messy look you’ll need to create some texture so try a dry shampoo to achieve a messed up look first and then put it up for a trendy feel. Why not add a nice scarf or bracelet to add a touch of glamour?